On the Way

Blessed are those whose strength is in you,
whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.
~ Psalm 84:5

Sunday, March 15, 2009

stop the presses - Doug's becoming a man

I am a 40 year old man and i'm starting to act like one---neither a passive wimp nor an angry bully---but an assertive, confident man! this is revolutionary---it's hard and i will feel tempted to go back and do towards the other styles of relating.
but it is now my firm intention to act like a true man...suffer like one, love like one, serve like one---you get the picture.
i am wild at heart and want to express my heart....i don't agree with everything eldredge says in his book but i think he's really on to something when he talks about men needing an 'adventure to live', 'a beauty to rescue' and 'a battle to fight' as i recall.

my one friend has encouraged me in a deep way to live as a Warrior-Poet instead of a dreamer-destroyer--i was reminded today (edit on 3/19/2009)
by God's grace and strength, this is my aim for my wife, boys, friends and others---come what may.
thanks for reading, loyal ones.

shalom to you-


Neal said...

Finally got on.
Way to go Doug.

Doug said...

thanks, pop---love you.

Doug said...

I do like my renewed confidence but some of this posting was driven by being hypomanic. Lord, have mercy!